process makes perfect

Every photographers style is made up of several components - including their gear, their in-camera settings, the client experience, posing & prompting, post-processing of your images, and gallery delivery.

about my style

In a nutshell, I would call my style warm & balanced - from initial inquiry to final photo. I want to get to know you and your story so that our session feels more like hanging out with a friend and your photos document a fantastic memory. Your final images will have real colors with a warm hue and will focus on capturing your beautiful, candid moments.

my gear & in camera set up

Learn more about my cameras, lenses, and how I use them.

I'm a Canon Photgrapher

I have two cameras - an R6 & an R8. Mirrorless cameras are the top of the line! With no moving mirrors, my cameras can capture between 20 and 40 frames per second. This means you can move at a natural pace - which allows you to enjoy your time more and stand still posing less!

My shutter speed

I typically take photos at a shutter speed of 1/500 seconds or faster. This means that you can move at your normal pace and your photos will still be tack-sharp!! Occasionally, I also take photos at a slow shutter speed to capture movement and give you those fun detail & candid shots.

I have two main lenses

RF 28-70mm f2 & RF 85mm f1.2 take photos at a wide aperture (f1-4), meaning that backgrounds are creamy, dreamy & blurred out. Leaving the focus on my beautiful subject - you :)

I also have a backup camera!

I keep an extra camera body to make sure that no accidents result in you missing out on photos. Preparing for plans B, C, and all the way through Z are part of what you can expect when I am a part of your day!

the Client Experience

I believe in doing more than just taking your photos - I want to capture you and your story. I give all potential clients a complimentary Zoom consult so that we can get to know each other and decide if we are the right fit for each other. If you choose to book - we can meet as many times as it takes to make you feel comfortable and prepared for your session! Expect me to ask you about yourself and please feel free to ask me anything in return. Let’s become friends & make your session a fun memory commemorated by photographs that will last forever.

Documentary meets editorial

I believe in helping you create beautiful candid moments. This means that I will pose & prompt you to help you begin, but want you to move around, do what you would naturally do without a camera there, and experience the moment! I usually begin a session with a few more posed, traditional type of photos to help you get some first picture jitters out, as well as to set my camera settings. From there, I will prompt you and gently guide you through your session with an emphasis on allowing you to just be yourself.

editing & Post-processing

After your session ends - my work is just beginning!


First thing first - I backup your photos!

When we finish together, I immediately go home and backup your images to 3 separate hard drives. I specifically use 3 different brands of hard drive to ensure that no recalls, faulty batches, or freak accidents end with losing your images. One of the hard drives is my “working” drive that I actively use for local storage while editing. The second is my backup drive that sits on my desk and is only used for extra storage of Raw & Final Images. The last, is my emergency backup drive that is stored in a fire-proof lockbox. This only comes out when I backup images and immediately goes back into its safe location.


Image culling

After backing-up is finished, culling begins! This is when I go through the hundreds-thousands of raw images from your session. I look at each photo individually and select every usable image. This means that I pull every photos that is in-focus, unique, and looks nice!


Photo editing

Those photos are then imported into my editing software, Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, where I will edit every photo in my unique style! I use Photoshop specifically to edit out distractions from your photos - you can check out some examples here.


Final photo backup

After I finish editing, I export all of the final images onto my working drive and then backup your final images to my other two drives as well.

gallery Delivery & Prints

Your gallery will be delivered online straight to your email! That email will also contain a unique link for sharing your gallery with friends & loved ones. Your unique link gives you lot of control within your gallery! You can favorite photos and make an album from there. You can also hide photos if you don’t want everyone to be able to see a more intimate moment. You are able to order prints, canvases,  albums, and so much more through your gallery link directly!


How soon will we get our photos?

You will receive sneak peeks the day after your elopement! I guarantee a minimum of 10 sneak peeks per hour, but often send more. You will then receive your gallery in anywhere from 4-8 weeks (4-6 for 1-3 hour sessions, 6-8 for 6+ hour sessions).

Do you travel for weddings or other sessions?

I would love to travel for you & your special moments! In fact, I'm currently planning a trip to Italy in May of 2024 for a destination wedding workshop led by some of the leaders in the wedding industry.

If you're interested in bringing me along for your special day, please inquire for a custom quote!  

Do you offer prints?

You bet I do! As a photographer, I get discounted pricing at some of the best printing labs available worldwide. If you order prints through me before your event or session, you will receive the same discount I do!

How do you keep our photos safe?

After your session, I will go home and immediately backup your photos to 3 separate hard drives. I use 3 different brands to avoid any faulty parts or malfunctions. I also keep one in a fire-safe container at all time to ensure that nothing happens to your photos!

How much do clients typically invest with you? 

The answer varies by session type! 

For full wedding-days, couples spend an average of $4000 and have 8 hours of coverage from 2 photographers.
For shorter elopements, couples spend an average of $1100 and have 2 hours of coverage.
Family & maternity clients spend an average of $500 and have 1 hour of coverage.

How do we book you for our date?

All I need is a singed contract and a 25% retainer for weddings & elopements (50% for all other sessions) and then your date is secured! The remaining balance is due 30-days prior to your event for weddings/elopements & 7-days prior to all other sessions.  

How early should we reach out?

As soon as possible! Wedding dates are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Depending on the time of year, my schedule can fill up weeks to months in advance. Please inquire about your specific date for more information!