What is a First Look and Why do it?

Published on
December 2, 2023

A first look is a modern take on the tradition of seeing each other at the end of the aisle for the first time! Most wedding days go by incredibly quickly and it can be difficult to find a private moment together. First looks are great for giving you and your beau 10-15 minutes to be alone and take in a few moments together before the craziness that is your wedding day! 

First looks are commonly done after getting ready photos and before the beginning of your ceremony. If you want to do a first look, I also suggest doing bridal and family portraits before your ceremony! With this timeline, following your ceremony, you get to head straight into cocktail hour & your reception with your guests and loved ones.

We typically have one partner (usually the groom or more masculine partner) waiting to see the other! Whenever you're ready, you can tap your beau on the shoulder or ask them to turn around. Then I will get beautiful photos of their reaction and your first moments seeing each other! 

I am a huge fan of first looks for your wedding day! It can even be less formal and we can have the two of you walk around a corner at the same time - it's completely up to you on your special day!