Sessions at Baker Beach

Published on
January 9, 2024

Baker Beach is an iconic location with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge! At about a mile long, this beach is full of great spots to take photos. Check out some of my tips for great photos and a great experience at this stunning location.

  • Park in the North Lot! When putting "Baker Beach" into your GPS, people are often brought to a residential road in the Presidio that happens to have public beach access - this is the furthest point from the bridge. When you park in the North Lot, you are parking in the largest parking lot, closest to the bridge. Be aware that you may want to arrive early to find parking! This lot can get full since it does have the easiest beach access.

  • Go at sunrise or sunset! Since it on the coast, the sun can be quite harsh at Baker Beach - meaning that you might have to look into the sun to have the GGB behind you in photos. If you schedule your session for sunrise or sunset, you maximize the light and minimize how much you have to stare into the sun! 

  • Take photos with more than just the bridge behind you on the beach! There is a whole battery wall to walk on with plants, a tree to sit on, and the ocean/hills in the other directions! I love adding as much variety as possible to galleries - getting you unique photos to cherish forever! 
  • Get your feet wet! Having some fun in the water is a great way to let loose during your session. Don't be afraid to take your shoes off and walk around in the water. The glassy, reflective surface created by the tides makes for beautiful photos!
  • Be prepared to walk! At roughly a mile long, Baker Beach is actually quite large and requires quite a bit of walking. I don't recommend this location for individuals with limited mobility and/or a preference for little walking.