Happy Thanksgiving!

Published on
December 1, 2023

I am frequently aware of the fact that I am allowed to be a part of and document precious moments in the lives of my clients - while they often know relatively little about me! To honor the privilege it is to document your families, special days, and moments big & small, here is a look into how I spent my 2023 Thanksgiving!

My partner, T, and I went to Oregon & Washington state to see family! We first went to Portland, Oregon to spend a few days there. We ate twice at Screen Door, a fantastic Southern food place and spent about 2 days exploring the city.

We then made our way North to Vancouver, Washington to visit T’s sister (A) and BIL (N). We stayed at an AirBNB in Brush Prairie with both Nick’s parents and Teresa & Ashley’s parents. We had two sweet pups with us - play fights pictured below.

N was our head chef and did a FANTASTIC job. As someone who has branded herself “not a turkey person,” I was gobbling this one up. He also made some delicious hand-kneaded rolls and some of the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had. A & N provided table decor and T & I took charge of setting the table!

The day after Thanksgiving, we took a family trip to Multnomah Falls - where only 4 out of 8 of us ended up seeing the waterfall - LOL. Apparently there are two different parking lots and the bigger one accessed off the highway closes. So we spent more time driving in circles trying to get between parking lots than we did at the Falls!! But I was lucky enough to be among the 4 who got to go see it and it was spectacular!

T and I rounded out our trip at Cannon Beach. Check out the view from our hotel balcony! We visited Ecola State Park, Indian Beach, and a bunch of local shops. Then an 11-hour drive home and we were reunited with our 2 cats and dog!

Stayed tuned for another blog post about our Christmas travels to T’s home-state of Vermont and my home-state of New Mexico! Happy Holidays :)