Guide for the 2024 Bride - San Francisco City Hall Elopements & Weddings

Published on
February 2, 2024

San Francisco City Hall Elopements & Weddings - Guide for the 2024 Bride

San Francisco City Hall is a beautiful location for any wedding or elopement! Here is your complete guide to having your special day here & getting beautiful photos.

Civil ceremonies, one-hour rentals & two-hour weddings at SF City Hall

With options for everyone & every budget, this location is perfect for anyone. Your options are: Civil ceremonies, one-hour rentals & two-hour weddings.

1. Civil ceremonies are the most common event type and consist of a short 4-5 minute ceremony with an assigned judge! These take place M-F.

2. One-hour rentals take place during the week and are on either the Mayor's Balcony or one of the 4th floor galleries. These take place M-F during the day & during evenings.

3. Last, but certainly not least, two-hour rentals on the weekends give you the option to have your ceremony in front of the grand staircase! These take place Saturday & Sunday during the day & during evenings.

You can check out more about rental options here.

What to know about SF City Hall Elopements during the weekday

This is a public location with many other ceremonies & government business going on around us! Be prepared for there to be other people who all want a lot of the same things you do. This means we may have to wait for iconic shots like the grand staircase. It also means that it may be busy & a bit noisy! But worry not - your photos with me will look like you were the only ones there.

Where to park & how to enter

I recommend parking in the underground parking garage on McAllister St! This is where I always park when I am photographing a couple here. You can expect to pay ~$12 if you are there for an hour. If you park here, you can take the elevators up the street level, where you will be see the front entrance to SF City Hall on Polk St - this is where you will enter. There is a simple security screening and you will then be able to enter! Since I will have gear with me (my cameras), I have to enter via the loading dock entrance - so I will plan to meet you in the main lobby near the base of the grand staircase! 

Wedding Photography at SF City Hall

SF City Hall consists of four stunning floors - each one a treasure trove of photo locations.

First Floor - this is where the grand staircase is! 

Second Floor - the iconic Mayor's Balcony & other staircase viewpoints

Third Floor - the beautiful windows

Fourth Floor - the galleries & view of the dome

There are so many more factors to consider for your unique day eloping at City Hall! Please reach out & we can discuss you and your vision in detail.

If you'd like to see one of my galleries from City Hall, you can check one out here.